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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should my cat or dog be on AminAvast®?
Because AminAvast® is intended to support the health of your pet it should be taken on a daily basis for their entire life.

2. Is AminAvast® Safe?
Yes, AminAvast® has been given to animals over two years in three clinical studies and we have not received any reports of adverse effects during the study, either symptomatic or hematological.

There have been no reported adverse effects since its
commercial release.

3. My pet is on other supplements and medications. Can I still give her AminAvast®?

We are unaware of any contraindications between the ingredients in AminAvast®or any other dietary ingredient or
medications. However, be sure to discuss possible interactions with your veterinarian.

4. How do I administer AminAvast®?
Cats and dogs will eat AminAvast® with no hesitation and AminAvast® is very easy to administer. Simply open the capsule and mix with food. Most cats and dogs will eat AminAvast® in
their normal food. For finicky animals or those whose appetite is decreased, we suggest mixing the contents of the capsule with about 1 tablespoon of a special food (a food the animal never
gets is a great choice as they will be excited to eat it). Another option is to mix the contents of the capsule with a little tuna

water and let the cat lap it up. 
For dogs, you may also hide the capsules in a treat such as peanut butter.

5. Have there been any clinical studies?
There was a very comprehensive two year clinical study involving 124 cats. All individuals in the study benefited by taking AminAvast®. Also, a smaller (59) feline study and a small canine study have been performed and published. 

Talk to your veterinarian about whether supplementing with AminAvast® to support the health of your pet might be
right for your cat or dog.

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